Accessibility for Disabled - Creating A Barrier Free Environment

There are many people in the society living with disabilities. They face a lot of challenges and it is essential to make life better for them. Accessibility is one of the greatest challenges that people living disabilities face. Therefore, it is imperative to create a barrier free environment for the disabled. Such an environment enables the disabled to lead a comfortable and fruitful life.They will also be in a position to participate in all areas of their lives or community life. This is based on the fact they won't feel stigmatised. They will be free to interact and carry out normal life duties without burdening family members or the society.

Accessibility for the disabled is a very broad term. It is often the first and important step towards creating a fulfilling environment for persons living with disabilities. As a result, they will be able to make choices just like anyone else in the society and accomplish specific tasks trouble free. This means creating an accessible environment in terms of transport, access to water supply, appropriate sources of communication, access to quality infrastructure that helps to break down all physical barriers that make life for the disabled hard, sanitation and access to clean water supply.

Accessibility for disabled also means getting quality information that helps to enhance the quality of life for persons living with disabilities. As a result, disabled persons will be able to work comfortably, they will be able to access different facilities say, shopping facilities and other equipment that make their lives simpler and fun such as mobility scooters and access lifts. There are special lifts designed for disabled persons in different offices today, there are also automobiles that provide space for persons living with disabilities. These among other initiatives help to enhance the quality of lives for disabled persons. Accessibility simply makes the society a comfortable place for them to lead a normal life.